Information about our NHS services

Demand for NHS services is currently exceeding our limited annual capacity.

We are not accepting any new NHS patients and do not hold a waiting list.

The following policies enable us to deliver NHS services to as many patients as possible and have been agreed by the local NHS Team.

Booking NHS check-ups

Our reception team are unable to book routine NHS check-ups in advance, unless the dentist has specifically agreed this.

Patients must call us 2 months before their check-up is due to see if we can accommodate them. It is the patients responsibility to call us.

We follow guidelines for the frequency of check-ups. This allows 12-24 months between visits if a patients dental health is good.

We do not have the capacity to offer 6monthly check-ups as standard.

Missed Appointments

We cannot charge NHS patients for missed appointments but we have a strict policy regarding non attendance.

Patients who fail to attend on two occasions for NHS appointments will not be offered further appointments at the practice. The missed appointments do not have to be consecutive.

If we do not treat an NHS patient for more than two years, they will be removed from our patient list. They can continue to see us on a private basis should they wish.

Incomplete Treatment

Dentists can terminate an NHS course of treatment if a patient misses an appointment and fails to rebook the appointment when requested. The patient may then need to pay for a new course of treatment.

We cannot keep courses of treatment open indefinitely.

Failure to Pay

Patients who do not pay for their NHS treatment as requested will not be offered any further appointments at the practice.

This is in line with our Payment Policy.

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